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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 4

I went for a run yesterday with the intention of running 4miles.  I wound up doing a walk/run where I walked 2 miles and I ran 2.75miles.  It wasn't what I had planned on, but I least I did something - and in the end the distance was more than what I had planned.

I also bought some 5lb hand weights to use at home.  I pretty much decided that I need to incorporate more strength training into my routine.  My arms are very weak.  (I am like a t-rex with long, skinny arms that don't support my body weight!)  Hopefully they won't just sit under my bed gathering dust like some of my other fitness equipment. 

My other goal for myself is to work more on my diet.  I love food and I like to eat.  Normally I don't give to much thought about what I'm eating, why I'm eating, or how I'm eating.  I don't believe in diets or cutting out entire food groups.  But I am trying to each 3 meals of 400 calories each and I can have 2 snacks of 100 calories.  I can eat whatever I want - if I want to eat 400 calories of chocolate for lunch, so be it.  (This morning I had poptarts for breakfast.)  I read about this idea in the January issue of Woman's World.  I'm also trying to drink a gallon of water each day - which is easier said than done.  On the days I work out, I can add the number of calories to my daily diet if I choose.  That way if I want to go to a restaurant I'm not limited in what I want to eat.  It's all fine and good.   

When I'm working out regularly, I tend to eat better and make more of an effort.  I try to do things that are sustainable for long periods of time.  I don't want to start something that I won't be able to manage during birthday parties, or holidays, or ward parties.  I love food and I love to eat.  It's all about balance, but balance is a tricky thing to maintain and control.