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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day One

Today is Day 1 of half marathon training.  You might think that since I am attempting to run a half marathon that I love running.  I don't.  I HATE HATE HATE running.  It's the worst exercise, I'm terrible at it, and did I mention that I HATE it?  Right now I'm thinking of a million excuses why I shouldn't run today.  The kids have runny noses...I have a blanket to crotchet...I ate ice cream for breakfast...... But I've also committed to doing it and I don't want to be someone who says they'll do something and then flakes out.     

If I were "good" at running I would do it all the time.  Currently I run at a 10-12 minute mile (slower if I run more) which means that my husband could beat me in a 5K race without training.  This is after 18 months of a gym membership and months of running previously.  I also am lugging about 20 lbs of extra body weight that jiggles and jangles around when I run.  Thankfully I am tall so I hide it pretty well under normal circumstances, but running is not a normal circumstance! 

While I complain about how much I hate running, it doesn't change the fact that I have 2 miles waiting for me today.  I think I'll make some time after lunch.....or dinner....


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